CPD Policy

CPD Recertification Programme

CPD Recertification Programme for Optometrists is effective from 1 November 2010. ... Read more about CPD Recertification Programme >>

CPD Accreditation Policy

CPD Accreditation Policy for Optometrists is effective from 27 June 2016. Below are some policies, read the board's  CPD Accreditation Policy for a complete policy. 

  • CPD cycle is a two year period from 01-Nov to 31-Oct.
  • Optometrists should get 20 General and 20 Clinical Diagnosis (CD) credits in this two year period, if they hold an active APC.
  • CD credits are required even for non-therapeutic optometrists.
  • Excess CD credits will compensate deficit General credits. But excess General credits will not compensate deficit CD credits.
  • Half of the total excess credits (max 45) obtained in a CPD cycle will be transferred to next CPD cycle as general credits.
  • Pro-rata credits will be awarded for optometrists obtaining an APC in the middle of the CPD cycle.

CPD for non-accredited events

You will need to provide the following information:
  • Proof of attendance e.g. a certificate.
  • List of lectures attended and duration of each lecture.
  • Abstract/summary of each lecture.

The CPD Accreditation committee will use this information to determine the amount and type of credits to award.

Please note that the accreditation committee may charge a fee for accrediting the individual CPD application.

Board fee

Please visit the ODOB website for fee details and payment form https://www.odob.health.nz/i-want-to-register/fees/